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Used Jeans & Jackets.  Used Levi Jeans.
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Used Jeans are sold in Mix.

Name Brand Jeans Used. In Mix of Name Brands, Styles and Sizes:
$3.75 per pair in sample packs.
$3.50 per pair in orders of 1000 pair or more.
$3.00 per pair in container loads. 
Sample packs in the USA are available from 250 jeans.
All other countries.....Sample pack is one cubic meter (550 jeans).
20’ container load of 9000 of the used mixed brand jeans at $3.00 per jean. 
Assorted Brands, Carefully graded, steam pressed, folded & boxed, No holes, rips, or tears.  No missing belt loops – All zippers work.


Approx. 60% ladies & 40% men’s.

Approx.  80% blue – 15% black – 5% colors.


The Grade A Levi's - 500 series container load price is $7.50 per jean.

Grade B - $3.50 per jean.

Email: BLUE JEANS TRADING . Just ask for Sam.

Jean Jacket


Lot # 959.
Assorted Brands Denim Jean Jackets Mixed Used. Mixed Brands, Mixed Styles, Mixed Sizes.
Washed & Pressed.  Assorted Sizes - S - M - L -  XL.
Each jacket on it's own hanger  -  15 per carton.
No holes, no rips, no tears. 60% women - 40% men.
Minimum Order:    (8) boxes - 120 jackets.
Your cost:  $8.50 each. 
Can do better price on larger orders.
Minimum order 120 jackets in US and Canada.
All other countries 480 jackets.


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Denim Jackets

Western Boots. Cowboy Boots.
Cowboy Boots

Western boots used in mix of styles, sizes and brands. $15 each.
Minimum sample pack in US and Canada is 50 pr.
All other countries minimum sample pack is One cubic meter  containing 400 pr.

Western Boots

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Choose from Brand New Shorts or Used

George Horbatenko
Used Clothing, Jeans, Shoes, etc.
3346 Old Jefferson Highway
Woodbine, Georgia, USA  31569

Email:  Sam or George Horbatenko at BLUE JEANS TRADING.

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Levi Jeans by the Bale

Lot # 606
Ungraded - Unsorted.
1000 lbs each bale.
Approx. 80% blue.
Approx. 50% men - 50% women.
Minimum (1) bale within the US... Container load all other countries. 
$1.60 pound by the bale.  $1.40 per pound by the container load.
Email  Sam or George  
40 foot container - approx.  40,000 lbs approx.  40 bales..... $56,000.00
20 foot container - approx.  18,000 lbs approx.  18 bales..... $25,200.00
If you don't mind a little sorting this gives you the most bang for your buck.  These jeans are a mix of Grades A - B - C.  They are unsorted & ungraded.  5% - 10% may be waste.  It is a mix of men's & women's 500 series (no 501's).  We sell these jeans in bales - 1000 lbs.  You don't need a forklift for these - we can roll them right off the truck and you can roll them into your garage or break them down and carry them into your home or business.  We do this all the time. 
Your cost is $1.60 lb -- approx. cost of an 1000 lb bale is $1600.00 plus shipping.
$1.40 per pound by the container load.

Used Levi Jeans


Levi jeans used:
**Lot 603 - 500 Series - flat folded and boxed we have Grade A & Grade B your choice - mix & match.  This is a combination of 500 series (no 501's).  60% men and 40% women - mostly blue - good even size spread - we can "favor" larger or smaller sizes.  Your cost for Grade A 100 prs is $8.00 prGrade B is $4.50 pr.  Call us for prices on large orders.
**The Grade A Levi's - 500 series container load price is $7.50 per jean.
Grade B - $3.50 per jean.
**The Grade A Levi's - 500 series less than container load price is $8.00 per jean.
Grade B - $4.50 per jean.
**Grade A - 100 prs - $8.50 pr  -  500 prs or more - $8.00 pr
**Grade B - 100 prs - $4.50 pr -  500 prs or more - $4.00 pr
**Levi 505's - All men's - good size run - all blue - Your cost 100 prs Grade A - $11.00 pr - Grade B - $9.50 pr.
**One Lot of men's used 505's grade A - about 400 pairs. 
Your cost is $10.50 pair for the lot.
**Lot 604 - 501's
Levi 501's can be supplied at about 400 per customer per month. Sample order is 100 pairs minimum.  Your cost is $16.00 pair. 
Model 501 - sold 50% men & 50% women or can do all women - CANNOT do all men.  90% blue and 10% black.  Good size run.  Grade A & B & C available.  Your cost 100 prs Grade A - $16.00 pr - Grade B - $12.00 pr -  Grade C is $7.75 pr but you must buy a min of 200 prs.
Your cost is $15.50 each for 400 prs or more.  
Minimum sample order is 100 pair at $16.00 each. 

Email: Sam Horbatenko.

Used Sweaters sold in mix.

Lot # 965

USED SWEATERS..... All long sleeve in excellent condition. Assorted styles & sizes. Assorted Brands. 60% Ladies & 40% Unisex. Premium Grade A - no holes - no rips. Steam pressed & sized. Packed in individual polybags. 

Your Cost:   $1.95 each.

Minimum purchase 500 pcs.



Sam Horbatenko   Email: BLUE JEANS TRADING .

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We are wholesale suppliers. Samples are pulled at random and not by size, brand or style but just to give a general example of the products offered.

Our company offers these samples because there is no refund on wholesale clothing lots. Sample packs are offered in varying sizes to give buyers an opportunity to view our products before buying a larger amount of product.

Thank you for your interest in our product. We look forward to doing business with you.


We welcome visitors to our warehouses by appointment only. Email Sam or George at BLUE JEANS TRADING, Inc. to make a visitor's appointment. It is important to make this arrangement.

You must provide full name, address and contact numbers and reside in the US to make an appointment.

George Horbatenko
New & Used Clothing, Jeans, Shoes, etc.
3346 Old Jefferson Highway
Woodbine, Georgia, USA  31569

Email:  Sam or George Horbatenko at BLUE JEANS TRADING.

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